In the Media

Ontario State of the City – March 18, 2015

Highlights of Peter Kageyama, author of For the Love of Cities and the follow up, Love Where You Live, speaking to the city of Ontario, California.

TEDx Front Range, May 8, 2012

Peter Kageyama speaks on how loving your city and taking initiatives to make it a better place will create an atmosphere everyone can enjoy. He also talks about some creative ideas small cities are doing to get people to come live there. 

TEDx Iowa City, November 11, 2011

Peter Kageyama shares how we can build a stronger bond with the places we live. Hint: Its not what city goverments and local politicans think.

Can 719 People Remake Detroit? – Interview with Detroit Regional News Hub, April 7, 2011

"For the Love of Cities" author Peter Kageyama sat down with the bulldog at the Rust Belt to Artist Belt Conference, and talked about his idea that 1/10th of one percent can make a huge difference in a city, as well as how to attract those people, the challenges, and the role of loving a city in a narrative that talks about infrastructure.

Social Media & Cities – Michigan Municipal League, Sept. 2010

Peter Kageyama, founder of the Creative Cities Summit and author of the forthcoming book, For the Love of Cities, speaks at the Michigan Municipal League's annual conference in Dearborn, Michigan on the importance of social media to cities.

Peter Kageyama on Frontier Cities

Peter Kageyama, founder of the Creative Cities Summit, speaks at the Michigan Municipal League's 2010 Annual Conference in Dearborn, MI. Presentation includes Braddock, PA film "To Work" and examples of Detroit talent retention strategies.

The U2 Effect on Cities

Taken during the weekend of July 24th, 2009 in Dublin, Ireland, Peter Kageyama observes the impact that U2 have on their city and how other cities should take note of that effect.

Renewing Out Love Affair With Our Cities – Pecha Kucha Night Tampa Bay, January 2010

This is the presentation that launched the book. In many ways the main ideas for the book came together as I was preparing this talk and the response I got emboldened me to write it.