In support of his book, Peter has developed an interactive half day workshop for communities that allows them to develop their own approaches to becoming a more lovable community.  The workshop is ideal for a group (from 10 to 100+ people) to explore what people connect with in their own community, how to improve and maximize that connection and lead more people towards being “in love” with their place.

The workshop maps key community assets including the “co-creators” that shape the city and develops strategies and tactics to engage these local development resources.  An emphasis is placed on developing locally based solutions that do not require significant resources and can be quickly implemented.

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Peter Kageyama Love Your City Workshop


Facilitation & Graphic Recording

A key component of these workshops is the graphic recording and capture of all the ideas into a visual artifact.  These murals become conversation starters and visual reminders of all the ideas and work done in the session.  Peter has partnered with RIDG: Royal Innovation Design Group, which focuses on design thinking and innovation processes to help companies shape, visualize and tell transformative stories driving the necessary change to grow people and profits.