Workshop Outline

The workshop identifies key community assets including the emotionally engaged citizens that shape the city and develops strategies and tactics to engage these local development resources. We emphasize locally based solutions that do not require significant resources and can be quickly implemented .

Elements Include:
•    Overview of Lovable Cities
•    Map of what you love about your city – “Wall of Love”
•    Messages and marks – designing the city’s t-shirt
•    Love Notes – small things that have outsized impacts on the way people feel about their places
•    Identify local rituals and traditions  
•    Brainstorming the “$500 Dollar” project
•    Voting and ranking of the best ideas for next steps

  Who Should Attend:
•    Elected officials
•    Planners and City Managers
•    Municipal workers and department leaders
•    Arts and Cultural leaders
•    Entrepreneurs and business leaders
•    Not for profit leaders
•    Education leaders
•    Young professionals
•    Student leaders
•    Neighborhood Association leaders
•    Concerned citizens who want to share their ideas on the community

Attendance:  Suggest that we cap attendance at 150.  100 to 125 is and ideal size.  We could go to as high as 200 but will need to plan on more time for the event as the report outs take longer with this many people. Moves it from 3 hours to 4 hours overall.  
Venue:  Previous locations have included performing arts venues, sporting arenas, hotel ballrooms, universities, museums and libraries.  We need them to be able to work at tables in groups of 6 to 8.

Previous Workshops include: 

·       St. Petersburg, FL
·       Orlando, FL
·       Clearwater, FL
·       Cedar Rapids, IA
·       Muskegon, MI
·       Kalamazoo, MI
·       Anchorage, AK
·       Mountain View, AK
·       Merrill, WI
·       Valdosta, GA
·       Tallahassee, FL
·       Akron, OH
·       Goleta, CA
·       San Luis Obispo, CA
·       Montgomery, AL
·       Indianapolis, IN
·       Joplin, MO
·       Creve Coeur, MO
·       St. Louis, MO
·       Ludington, MI
·       Wichita, KS
·       Greenville, SC
·       Grand Prairie, Alberta – Canada
·       Whangarei – New Zealand
·       Tauranga – New Zealand
·       Sedona, AZ
·       Kenmore, WA


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