People to Know – Claire Nelson of Detroit, Michigan

Excerpt from For the Love of Cities – page 163-164

Co-creators are starters.  Starters are the first ones in the pool, the first ones on the dance floor and the catalysts that literally  make  things  happen.    Claire  Nelson  is  the  co-­founder of Open City, a forum  for  aspiring  and  existing small business owners  in  Detroit, and a drafter of the Detroit  Declaration.    She launched one of the first new retail businesses in her Midtown neighborhood when she opened the Bureau of Urban Living, a small design store similar to Crate Barrel, in the Canfield Lofts Building.      Not only did she start   her   own   business–   she   actively   recruited   friends   and   colleagues   to   start   other   businesses   in   the   area   as   well.   When   a   space   became   vacant   next   to   her   shop,   she   explains,   “I   begged   everyone   I   knew   to   open  something  there.”  Her  efforts  paid  off.  A  design  company   called  City Bird opened  next  door,  and  Claire  has  called  it  “my greatest  achievement  so  far”  because  she  gained  a  neighbor  and   someone  who  shares  the  same  love  of  place.