Calgary Co-Creator Jim Button

I meet a lot of amazing people as I travel from city to city. That is one of the great joys of my work. But sometimes you meet someone who stands out even in the midst of other truly exceptional people. I met Jim Button in Calgary in May of this year. We only spent about 45 minutes together but he made an impression.  Jim is the founder of Village Brewery and uses beer as a way of bringing people together.  As he told me, an invitation to "grab a beer" is not about drinking, it is about connecting.  He has used his beer to bring people together in other ways, including using food trucks to take the party into unexpected places around Calgary.  

I am gathering material for what I hope will be my next book and was thinking about Jim in the context of that work. Here is a great piece in Jim's own words that will help you to better understand the man and his work.…/jim-button-24e2590aa48d